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Ear Piercing

Our story…

Tessa qualified in (gun) ear piercing in Carlisle in March 1998, and full (needle) body piercing in 2000. She had her own body piercing studio in Carlisle city centre and has pierced ears of all ages from babies right up to to 94 and every age in between. She certainly has plenty of experience and endless patience for even the most nervous of clients. 

She says her favourite thing is:  “I absolutely love the smiles, like serious Cheshire Cat grins, and all the hype this exciting and momentous occasion brings”. 

In December 2013 when Tessa started piercing ears at Andessa in Cockermouth she refreshed and updated all her certificates in piercing proficiency. This covers the latest Caflon professional piercing instruments and she has a full registration, licence and certification from Allerdale Council’s Health & Safety, Governance & Regulatory Services department.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Do I need to book?

Pre-booking your appointment is 100% necessary. You are given a 20 minute slot per person/piercing. Please go to our BOOK page and contact Tessa to get your appointment time and date confirmed.

How much does it cost?

The cost of ear piercing is £20.00. This includes the piercing, the aftercare solution and a pair of studs from a large selection, please look at the page titled ORIGINAL STUDS in our EAR PIERCING SHOP shop to see all the different available piercing studs to choose from.

What is the aftercare?

You will be talked through the aftercare of your piercing and also receive a set of written aftercare procedure instructions to follow

How old do I have to be?

Piercings are available once a babies 8,12 & 16 week vaccinations are completed. Under 16’s MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian to sign the registration form. ID for proof of age will be requested if you arrive unaccompanied.

Where do we pierce?

The lobe, upper lobe and cartilage all the way around the outer ear, known as the helix. See the pictures above (all the places pierced in those pics are possible!) or get in touch if you need further help with exactly where these locations are!

What do we use?

A Caflon gun and studs, not a needle for all of our ear piercing procedures, it’s much faster, super simple, sterile, one click and it’s all done, easy!