Valuations can vary greatly as they are available for a variety of different purposes. We will help make sure you receive the correct valuation for your requirements, here are some examples of valuation types:

  • scrap valuation – usually verbal
  • resale valuation – usually verbal
  • part exchange valuation – usually verbal
  • probate valuation – usually written
  • insurance / replacement purposes valuation – usually written

Written valuations are chargeable and your jewellery will usually need to be sent away for the appraisal to be completed. Prices will vary depending on the amount and individual complexities of each job, but start at £45.00 per item. Whilst having your item(s) valued it is also the perfect time to have the claws and setting checked over, to make sure it’s safe to continue wearing and if not to carry out any advisable or necessary remedial works to keep your precious items in tip top condition and also comply with any insurance policy requirements.

We can offer for written valuations to be carried out by our own jeweller which in most cases is perfectly acceptable and suitable for your home insurance company requirements. Please check with your insurer to see how often they require your items to be re-valued to make sure you’re fully covered. Industry standard is around every 3 years, but this can differ between companies and if you are not updated in line with their policies you could be left under insured.

Some (very) high value items may be requested by your insurers to have their own individual policies and/or specifically to have a Safeguard valuation, which we are also able to arrange. There is more comprehensive information on the excellent Safeguard service below.

Some items in our online shop are sold with existing valuations, which will always be passed on as part of the piece’s provenance, meaning they could be old and outdated. If you require an up to date written insurance valuation for an item that you purchase then a charge will be made, please do ask and we will be delighted to help.

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SAFEGUARD - Jewellery, Watch & Silverware Valuation Service

  • Do you know how much your jewellery, watches and precious possessions are worth?
  • With precious metal prices being volatile you may be under insured.
  • Losing or damaging a precious piece of jewellery is always distressing and could be made more difficult if your valuation is out of date or worse still, you have no valuation at all.
  • A SafeGuard valuation provides you with proof of ownership and value to enable any insurance claim to be settled quickly and with the minimum of fuss for a replacement piece of equivalent value.

About SafeGuard

  • SafeGuard has been providing independent jewellery, watch and silverware valuation services for over 25 years.  The service is a division of Assay Office Birmingham an organisation that has been assaying, testing and hallmarking precious metal articles for well over 2 centuries.
  • The SafeGuard Jewellery valuation service is provided by a team of highly experienced and expert valuers all of whom are IRV registered or FGA qualified.
  • The service is completely independent and has no vested interest in the value of the pieces it examines.  Customers can have absolute reassurance that they will receive a complete and accurate record of their items, their value and their ownership.

The SafeGuard Service - Simple, Straightforward, High Quality, Good Value

All items submitted to SafeGuard for valuation are handled with care. Digital photographs are taken of each piece and then examined in detail by an expert SafeGuard valuer.  Using a combination of experience and the latest scientific equipment the valuer compiles a comprehensive and individual written description including weight, size, special features and value.  The photographs and information are then printed onto high quality stationery and the valuation document is placed into an individual folder.

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