Valuations are available for:

  • scrap value
  • resale value
  • part exchange value
  • basic retail valuation for insurance / replacement purposes
  • Safeguard valuations
Written valuations are chargeable and your jewellery will need to be sent away for the appraisal to be completed. Some items in our shop are sold with valuations, but if you require a written insurance valuation for an item that you purchase then a charge may be made. We use both our repair jeweller and the independent service provided by Safeguard for valuations and a discussion with us in person regarding cost and which option is best for you is advisable.
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Jewellery, Watch & Silverware Valuation Service

  • Do you know how much your jewellery, watches and precious possessions are worth?
  • With precious metal prices being volatile you may be under insured.
  • Losing or damaging a precious piece of jewellery is always distressing and could be made more difficult if your valuation is out of date or worse still, you have no valuation at all.
  • A SafeGuard valuation provides you with proof of ownership and value to enable any insurance claim to be settled quickly and with the minimum of fuss for a replacement piece of equivalent value.

About SafeGuard

  • SafeGuard has been providing independent jewellery, watch and silverware valuation services for over 25 years.  The service is a division of Assay Office Birmingham an organisation that has been assaying, testing and hallmarking precious metal articles for well over 2 centuries.
  • The SafeGuard Jewellery valuation service is provided by a team of highly experienced and expert valuers all of whom are IRV registered or FGA qualified.
  • The service is completely independent and has no vested interest in the value of the pieces it examines.  Customers can have absolute reassurance that they will receive a complete and accurate record of their items, their value and their ownership.

The SafeGuard Service - Simple, Straightforward, High Quality, Good Value

All items submitted to SafeGuard for valuation are handled with care. Digital photographs are taken of each piece and then examined in detail by an expert SafeGuard valuer.  Using a combination of experience and the latest scientific equipment the valuer compiles a comprehensive and individual written description including weight, size, special features and value.  The photographs and information are then printed onto high quality stationery and the valuation document is placed into an individual folder.

andessa jewellery shop valuation cockermouth