A guide to wedding anniversary gifts

Traditions for giving a particular iconic precious metal or stone date back to the Roman Empire when after 25 years of marriage a husband would present his wife with a silver wreath and after 50 years a golden wreath would be given.

As with many things these ideas develop and commercialism dictates over time and now there is quite a list of shiny tokens that a lucky recipient can hint at and hope to receive!

Not long after I first opened Andessa a lovely lady came into the shop looking for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary ring as a gift from her husband. I of course immediately picked out a stunning (and very impressive) £3750.00 large ruby and diamond cluster (one has to try!) and showed it off to her. She of course loved it, but said it would give her husband of 40 years a heart attack if she asked for such an extravagant gift! After a quick calculation I pointed out that it equated to just £93.75 for every year they had been married and surely she was worth every penny of that! I think I put the cat among the pigeons there….(husbands be warned!).

Here is a list of the most commonly associated with jewellery anniversary milestone gifts:

15 Years
25 Years
30 Years
35 Years
40 Years
45 Years
50 Years
55 Years
60 Years
70 Years