A guide to wedding anniversary gifts

Traditions for giving a particular iconic precious metal or stone date right back to the Roman Empire.

Meanwhile, back in this millennium, not long after Andessa first opened (the Cockermouth shop) a lovely lady and her husband came in looking for a ruby ring as a 40th wedding anniversary gift for her. Of course, I immediately picked out a stunning and exceptionally impressive ruby and diamond cluster ring priced at £3750.00. One has to try right?! The lady loved it and her husband turned white as a sheet! She smiled and said she wasn’t after giving him a heart attack after 40 years of marriage, which such a price tag was likely to do. I quickly calculated and proceeded to point out that the price tag equated to a mere £93.75 for each year of marriage and surely she was worth every penny of it?!

Poor husband! I think he felt like I was definitely not on his team that day! His wonderful wife was though and she left with a beautiful, albeit less expensive ruby ring and he had some colour back in his cheeks!

Now we are fully online I am certainly still available for advice on the perfect anniversary gift, just get in touch via the contact page. One of the most popular anniversary gift requests is for eternity rings and I can offer lots of assistance on selecting styles and metals to compliment existing wedding and engagement rings.

Here is a list of the most commonly associated with jewellery anniversary milestone gifts:

15 Years

25 Years

30 Years

35 Years

40 Years

45 Years

50 Years

55 Years

60 Years

70 Years











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